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Pocket Knife for Sale $375 .... SOLD

Pocket Knife for Sale $375 .... SOLD
November 20, 2014 07:35PM

This knife is about 85% complete.


It has Stainless Tool Steel blade and spring. The back is file worked. The frame is brass. The scales are Black Linen Phenolic. It's a perfect pocket sized knife.


This is NOT this knife. However; this new knife is an exact copy of the knife in this picture. The knife in this pic sold in about 5 min. Lets try to break that. Haha.
The parts for the current knife were made as a set with the knife on the pic. Don't know the exact nos. now. I'm outside. I'd guess about 2 1/4" blade and 5" open.


That's that. Now ..........................

You may have seen the post that said roughly: the house is sold, the stress is over, I have money in my pocket, I'm skipping all around BPS, please don't buy anything else now, please don't bother participating in the forum, Happy Days are here, I'm almost done YOUR gun. Actually, that post was on another forum. And it had nothing to do with me.

Here at BPS - I'm making knives to continually cut the stress in the air. I'm working til 10 PM in the shop to try to support BPN and BPS. I'm buying fuel oil for BPN because the folks who are going to buy it at the end of the year do not want it all frozen and ruptured first. Here, I check the forum to keep the crickets from being so depressed. We are not there yet. We are dragging the wounded to the tent. So; we would appreciate your continued help thru year's end.

This knife is $375 instead of $350 - yes. Why? Because you can't do anything with $350. And after 41 years in the field, it should be $700. To clarify, you might wonder why the last one was priced at $775 when it was 4 times the work? Because I can't multiply? No. Because I'm trying to offer amazing work here to lessen the stress just a little bit. Then why didnt it sell instantly? Because hardly anybody is looking. Most will check back in once they figure I have everything all tidy'd up and nothing is available for sale - as it should be.

That means, if you've read this, then you have an advantage over folks who aren't checking in. I'm just stating the honest psychology of what is taking place here. Most people want nothing at all to do with any stress. And so; they're sick of watching me slog thru the swamp. We are about 6 weeks from fresh air on the coast. And, you can bet we well remember the ones who have helped us. I've given absolutely everything I have to this task. Thank you.


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Re: Pocket Knife for Sale $375 .... SOLD
November 21, 2014 02:25AM
It's a really sweet knife, congrats to the new owner. I'm playing the lotto this week in the hopes I can quit my job and stop this nonstop travel! If the pot is big enough everyone I know is getting a piece!
Re: Pocket Knife for Sale $375 .... SOLD
November 21, 2014 03:44AM
Oh Dear God .... Please let Sal hit it big ... bowing -- Far East
Re: Pocket Knife for Sale $375 .... SOLD
November 21, 2014 02:45AM
Good luck on that one Sal. winking smiley

Nice looking knife Gary, glad it found a new home so quickly.
Re: Pocket Knife for Sale $375 .... SOLD
November 21, 2014 05:42AM
BTW ....

I keep forgetting that I'm older then dirt. My habit of speaking in stories and metaphors can be confusing. Especially if history was neither taught nor absorbed. So; my recent references to finding "fresh air on the coast" wasn't talking about a vacation. Spanish explorers of the 15 -
16th centuries, would park the boat on the Eastern shores of South/Central America, in the Atlantic Ocean, and began a nice hike West. Purpose: to explore the land before them, and later - to chart the distance across to the Pacific.

Well, as with our little move here, things would become a bit stressful for our Spanish Hikers too. The Jungles had many Realtors, Attorneys, and other Snakes in them. There were even lesser Predators, such as Jaguar, Puma, and all manner or insects - huge and microscopic. The Explorers found, quite literally; that "Things Bugged them, They felt things Eating at them, and they became Sick to Death" of their hike. skull

Bogged down in the Jungles and Swamps, for months on end ... their numbers fell off. The few who remained, finally one day ... smelled salt air once again. Somewhere ahead ... there was a coast and freedom from this cursed Jungle. Days later, they stumbled out of the undergrowth, like Contestants from "Naked and Afraid".

We can smell the salt air. It's up ahead. Nerves are shot. But this is gonna happen. We stuck it out.

That's the "Fresh Air" story. Hang in there with us. History refresher is free.

Re: Pocket Knife for Sale $375 .... SOLD
November 23, 2014 04:42AM
"Ocian in view! O! the joy"

(creative spelling credit goes to Lewis & Clark on this one)
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