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Re: Just food for thought ..,,

Just food for thought ..,,
June 13, 2017 12:47AM
You guys know that, for the last few years, I've worked with you on purchases. I haven't changed anything.

I can't lay out a wide range of exact amortization of possibilities on every new piece. PM me if you have an interest in something that's complete. It has just occurred to me, when I've wondered what's caused the drought of interest in sales..... what .... everybody thinks I'm now a hard nosed "cash or walk" guy!? Don't make me think of the perfect phrase for comment 11,799. My brain is pretty fried. 7 days a week on endless rotation is wearing. You guys have been here long enough to know the drill. Talk to me.

Medical trip soon. Not looking forward.

I swear, it keeps me busy racking my brain. I'll ask for comments. I'll show something like three months of work ..... like this entire new website with crazy new features. Right, they are normal website features...... FOR AMAZON. But not for some old guy working in a little shop in the woods. Haha ... it's worth a few comments??? Common, that stuff ain't cheap.

Fine. I'll close for dinner soon. Not telling anybody what I'm working on ... ohhhh .... now you're sorry, huh?

Fine, it's a plain Model 97.

For the love of craftsmanship, talk to me. Hey, I was thinking today. You start collecting a guy's work, it's kinda like buying s pet. What are you gonna do .... say I bought something in 93 and 96. Now he's on his own. Haha

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Re: Just food for thought ..,,
June 13, 2017 08:18AM
Thanks for the great offer its appreciated. I for one have been Sooooo busy as I'm sure all have I hardly get time to eat .
I've been having major issues with the big fancy CNC structural steel machine I use . Servo drivers , error codes , been shutting me down . One day while fiddling with them I noticed the cooling fans in the doors weren't working . So fast forward... I order a NEW servo drive ( pre programmed ) so I can plug and play when I get fans fixed . Well $18 thermostat shut me down . I get that fixed and decided NOW I'll put in the very expensive driver did I mention pre programmed ???
Well something got entered wrong in the firmware that is above my intelligence level & patience level . So rather than send it back I will try to hook a cable to remotely rectify the issues .
I'm like you too " the hurrier I am the behinder I get "
Wish me luck !

Re: Just food for thought ..,,
June 13, 2017 01:10PM
That sounds like major headaches Kurt. I'm sorry.

Can they donthe Vulcan Mind Meld remotely with the unit?

I know your whole shop waits for the parts you cut. Hope it gets straightened out quickly.

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