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Steel Carving - Bison

Steel Carving - Bison
June 07, 2009 05:13PM
Thought I'd show you some pics of the Bison work I've been involved in lately. It takes awhile to do this work.

aSteel Carving 092.jpg

aSteel Carving 093.jpg

aSteel Carving 096.jpg

aSteel Carving 097.jpg

aSteel Carving 102.jpg

aSteel Carving 105.jpg

There's still a final round of carving and cosmetic prep. for bluing on all of these parts yet.

In the Bison design, all of the sub-components are MIG welded in special jigs to locate the parts properly. Of course, I had to make up the jigs and tooling. That's one of the behind the scenes details. I made some prototypes, early on, but didn't make the production jigs and fixtures to standardize certain operations. Later, I made those (which takes alot of time). Still, each step of the Bison assembly raises the stakes higher and higher. What was welded and carved in the last step, is now subject to being ruined in the next phase, if anything goes wrong. Etc., and Etc. I keep adding components to components, until I have the whole Bison Receiver assembly complete.

The build process seemed OK, early on, when I was excited about getting the prototypes into the field for testing. It's proven to be pure stress to complete as a project that needs to go out the door. winking smiley I don't know about you, but what works easily, when it's not so important ... always gives me a fit when it's for real. The welder will always act up when I have a critical weld to make. excited Weld up a target to pound with lead ... it will purr along just fine. haha. Such is the shop.

However; the Bisons are getting done. YEAH!!!!!!! I have four of these on the bench now. That's the end of the Bison herd. Hope you enjoyed a look.


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Re: Steel Carving - Bison
June 07, 2009 05:54PM
That's looking great Gary. I'll bet things are feeling better and better as the herd comes towards completion!
Re: Steel Carving - Bison
June 07, 2009 07:09PM
Not everybody knows the history of another crazy gun maker's comments about Gary's work on which I based my original satirical comments so I'll change them to say:

"atta boy" Gary, your light years ahead of anything out there.

Can't wait to get my next gun.shooter

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Re: Steel Carving - Bison
June 08, 2009 07:46AM
Aaaahhh! Gary, I've got you! I wanted something small but expensive for my birthday (sorry to keep harping on about that, but, well, it only happens once a year...) and now I realise what you're up to. A Bison ( a real one, that is ) is HUGE, but one of your creations is, in purely relative terms, well, small.....so anyhows, I'll be waiting by the letter box for that smaaaaallllll, but expensive, pressie.nerd
Hmmmm, I think I may be waiting for some time......sad smiley
Re: Steel Carving - Bison
June 08, 2009 07:06PM
Next, I suppose, you'll be torturing us with a pic after its been blued.

I cant wait!
Re: Steel Carving - Bison
June 08, 2009 07:31PM
That's right. We're gonna see just how much ya can take! excited

winking smiley

Re: Steel Carving - Bison
June 08, 2009 08:09PM
I'll never crack!

I may weep and drool though..... smiling smiley
Re: Steel Carving - Bison
June 09, 2009 07:58AM
The last of the bison herd, end of an era...a moment of silence...YEAH!!!! excited

If there was ever a model destined for the only-every-once-in-a-great-while special projects category, this has gotta be it. It's nerve-wracking for ME to see the progress on these things, and I'm not even on the ledger for one!
Re: Steel Carving - Bison
June 11, 2009 03:54PM
hes a bugger , gary , stop ...... i didnt think metal carving could get much better than the last bison , but there you go ,,, wrong again , the new style to your new carving is just exceptionally tasty, the best yet . your still a tease mind .
Re: Steel Carving - Bison
June 13, 2009 01:02AM
That is some amazing carvings! These guns are fit for a King! Excellent work Gary.
Re: Steel Carving - Bison
August 29, 2011 11:04PM
Another work of art...............
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