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58 Barracuda Bullpup

58 Barracuda Bullpup
August 05, 2010 06:33PM

This is the unfinished 58 caliber Barracuda Bullpup from Barnes Pneumatic. The barrel and barrel hub are blued steel. The reservoir and hammer tube are stainless steel. All of the billet will be hard color anodized during the finish phase.

It's now in "field testing" phase. It's clear now, that the gun will be able to make about 700 foot pounds of muzzle energy with heavier slugs. It's default slug of approx. 331 grains (a light weight 58) now shoots at 920 fps, for about 621 foot pounds of muzzle energy. More testing will tell it's capabilities.


The gun has already proved to be extremely accurate. This is THE one and only group I've yet shot at 100 yards with the gun.

Thanks for looking.
Re: 58 Barracuda Bullpup
July 01, 2011 01:18AM
Just going through ALL your web pages and pics and such. had time to kill. That gun seems to be a BEAST for sure and very solid. I see why the groups are as small as they are out to the distances it was shot at.

Re: 58 Barracuda Bullpup
July 02, 2011 02:18AM
Yeah ToFaz ... that gun is a direct copy of a model 94 Winchester 30-30. I've never been any good at copying stuff. whistling heheh.

It has been an amazing pc. Find the video where I shot thru 10 full soda cans set up back to back. It got all ten. Quite a neat video. The gun is Julio's, ya know. We're finishing it up with some nice blue/greens for the Carribean theme. Alot of anodizing there.

Re: 58 Barracuda Bullpup
December 26, 2011 02:46PM
thats such an ugly gun , i love it.
Re: 58 Barracuda Bullpup
December 26, 2011 05:20PM
Well thank you? Tom

It's nearing time to get back on that. I know, I know. Julio has had the patience of Job. Along with everyone else. And me. Have to get that one complete and out to Peurto Rico, where it will be stunning sitting on a shooting bench at the range!

I was having a conversation with Kelly awhile ago. We don't bowl. We don't play tennis. We don't run, walk, swim, crawl, or fly. We don't go to auto shows. Don't go to football games. Don't watch very much TV except for about an our after 11pm. Not a movie freak. No video games. In short ... we don't have a life, it would seem. But, I do work ... a lot. And, that's where I'm going when I get up from here. How is it possible that everything isn't done? nowthatIthink stunned Clearly doing something wrong.... hummmm.

Re: 58 Barracuda Bullpup
April 02, 2014 11:12PM
I like them all! Stop confusing me with choices!
Re: 58 Barracuda Bullpup
April 02, 2014 11:40PM
Jerry Wrote:
> I like them all! Stop confusing me with choices!

I couldn't agree more!
Re: 58 Barracuda Bullpup
January 25, 2015 10:12PM
its amzing !!!I admire you for a long time,master!!! I have a question for you derm。
.45 and .50CAL wihch barrel twins is best? like .45cal 900fps with 300gr pellet.and .50cal 900fps with 400gr pellet.
Looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much!
Re: 58 Barracuda Bullpup
January 26, 2015 04:04AM

Thank you. Welcome.

In your question, the 45 caliber version would be making 540 foot pounds of muzzle energy. The 50 caliber example would be making 720 foot pounds of muzzle energy. Both would have the same trajectory (approx.).

It would be difficult to make the 50 caliber achieve 900 fps with a 400 grain pellet. If you had the option, then the 50 caliber would have greater knock down power for hunting.

My experiments, to date, have been largely with 45 or 46 caliber, then I went to 56 or 58 caliber, then to 62 caliber. The 50 caliber is new to my offerings. I will be posting targets as I develop my slugs for the guns.

Re: 58 Barracuda Bullpup
January 26, 2015 03:48PM
Thank you for your reply Gary!My mistake sorry。I mean what twist of barrel is best。。45cal or .50cal. thanks!
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